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Andrew has produced records for artists and clients in every genre.  Here's a look at some of our featured artists.

Two Cities One World

America meets Bulgaria. Powerful, musical, and romantic chemistry drive the passion and authenticity of Two Cities One World, a multi-cultural duo who "Let the Whole World Disappear" in a fusion of pop, funk, soul, jazz and latin vibes. 

Grover Stewart
I've Grown Album Artwork (full).jpg

Grover’s electric presence sets the stage for a surge of cross-genre sounds. Whether he’s drumming, singing or arranging – the secret is always versatility. Grover has become a true chameleon, absorbing his environment to serve it with a tailored sound as the versatile and electric presence your audience didn’t know they needed

Matt Rowland

I love music. The art and act of frequency manipulation is very special to me. I especially enjoy music that leaves space for improvisation. To me, being able to spontaneously communicate emotion without words is one of the most fascinating aspects of music. 

Tony Crown

St. Louis based indie extraordinaire Tony Crown is no stranger to the art of storytelling! Crown has been turning heads with the release of his debut solo LP Distant from the Universe, a 10-track delicately textured venture into his flavour of atmospheric indie rock. 

Jesse Gannon

Combine the improvisational elements of soul/broken beat and post-bop grooves with a sophisticated harmonic palette and garnish with introspective, unforgettably lyrical melodies and you have the recipe for your garden variety soulphistapop group. 

Hillary Fitz

Hillary Fitz, based out of the St. Louis area, is a singer-songwriter who combines blues-folk guitar with a soulful, gritty voice to create honest and original music with a unique sound.

Lydia Dall

Lydia Dall is a Nashville country music artist from Southern Illinois. She has the perfect mix of grace and grit coupling raw emotional ballads with sassy up-beat party songs. Working again with producer Andrew Stephen, her record, Fifty-four Months, brings a mix of country, R&B, and pop music. 

J.D. Hughes

J.D.'s thought provoking lyrics can be described as seasoned, soulful and conscious enforcing the broad reach of this modern day singer songwriter.  Diving deep into his spiritual roots JD is currently at work on creating a series of small acoustically driven concept albums all related to Nature, Spirituality, and the Human experience. 


backtrack and instrumental production samples


Bravo 101

That Feeling


Going Out

(L.D. 2016)

(L.D. 2016)


Everything Means Nothing To Me

One Left To Go

Blood and Temptation

(T.C. 2018)

(T.C. 2018)


Make Me Wanna

(L.D. 2016)


Good Vibes

(L.D. 2016)


Counting Down

(L.D. 2016)


Passion Fix

Compton 91'

Seahorses Interlude

The Wise man

(TCOW 2018)



Perfect Vibration 

(Bbt 2014)

(TCOW 2014)


On The Horizon

The Command Center


Theme and Variation

Embracing The Unknown


Ocean Piano


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